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Promoting CSR Procurement


Promoting CSR Procurement with Suppliers

The Brother Group publishes its "Procurement Policy" and "CSR Procurement Standards"

The Brother Group makes its "Procurement Policy" and "CSR Procurement Standards" publicly available to share its CSR procurement concept with parts and materials suppliers. These policy and standards cover a wide range of fields, including human rights and labor, safety and health, global environmental protection, fair trade and ethics, product quality and safety, raw materials, information security, and social contribution.

The Brother Group remains committed to promoting CSR activities together with its suppliers.

Procurement policy

  • The Brother Group acts fairly with all suppliers.
  • The Brother Group respects the rules and spirit of laws in all countries and regions where we operate, and builds strong, respectful working relationships with suppliers for mutual growth.
  • The Brother Group promotes environmentally friendly "green procurement," and reduces impact on the environment through the lifecycle of its products.
  • The Brother Group places our customers first everywhere, every time, while remaining committed to delivering high quality products and services at reasonable costs.
  • The Brother Group considers issues concerning conflict minerals* as very important matters, and will take proactive approaches toward responsible procurement of minerals.
  • Conflict minerals are minerals unrightfully mined in a conflict zone. Trading of conflict minerals helps finance armed groups and results in human right violations, labor maltreatment, environmental destructions, etc. in the areas, which has been plagued by regional conflict.

CSR procurement standards

The Brother Group procures products and services from business partners that:

  • respect fundamental human rights of all people, and do not enforce unfair labor practices and illegal labor of children.
  • ensure the safety and health of employees and act to create a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • take proactive measures to protect the global environment.
  • respect the rules and spirit of laws, and act fairly with the highest integrity.
  • work on building a framework for delivering safe, high quality products to customers.
  • have a framework for managing information in place, and keep personal information and confidential information secure.
  • make efforts to become a good corporate citizen, sharing our social, economic and cultural resources in all the communities.
  • try to avoid using unrightfully mined minerals from conflict zones as raw materials.

Brother Is Committed to Building a Trusting Relationship with Its Suppliers

Brother holds the FY2019 supplier meeting and requests participation in surveys on slave (forced) labor and conflict minerals

During March and April in 2019, Brother held a supplier meeting to explain its policies for FY2019 in the countries where Brother's manufacturing facilities are located, such as Japan, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. This meeting was attended by a total of approximately 460 partner companies and 900 individuals.

Supplier meeting Supplier meeting

Supplier meetings are held annually to explain the present status and vision of the Brother Group, and to ask participants to establish a framework that supports parts quality improvement and a stable supply of parts, strengthen their risk management structures, and comply with the Brother Group's CSR Procurement Standards. Supplier meetings held outside Japan also include awards ceremonies to recognize suppliers engaged in outstanding CSR activities.

In addition to the above sessions, the FY2019 supplier meeting included a briefing on the revision of Brother's questionnaire survey on slave (forced) labor and the legal trend and market requests behind that revision. Brother also requested smelters to participate in a survey on conflict minerals to check the use of minerals extracted from war zones.

Some participants told that the meeting helped them understand the direction of Brother's management and provided a meaningful opportunity to enhance mutual understanding and ties with Brother's purchasing staff through the interaction with them. They also commented that they would like to develop a win-win relationship with Brother by meeting required quality and deadlines.

The Brother Group aims to grow together with its suppliers while remaining committed to establishing a good relationship with them through dialogue.

Brother Promotes Its Suppliers' CSR Activities While Recognizing Their CSR Efforts and Visiting Their Workplaces

Brother visits 41 suppliers and selects the best CSR company and four outstanding CSR companies from submitted entries

Aiming to further promote the CSR activities of its suppliers, the Brother Group has been conducting questionnaire surveys about their CSR efforts and honoring excellent ones since 2015 at its three manufacturing factories of the Machinery business, including Kariya Factory, Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd., and Brother Machinery Vietnam Co., Ltd.

In FY2018, we visited a total of 41 suppliers in Japan, China, and Vietnam and carried out on-site inspections based on the responses in the FY2017 questionnaire survey.
At each site, we checked production process improvements, approaches for environmental protection, employee education, and so forth, and asked the suppliers who had not complied with their safety manuals or rules to improve their operations.
In addition, we invited our suppliers to submit their CSR activities and chose the best CSR company and four outstanding CSR companies from 62 entries.
Those award-winning suppliers are actively engaged in various activities, such as CSR education for their subcontractors, formulation of a BCP (business continuity plan), employment of persons with disabilities, and provision of educational opportunities for university students.

The Brother Group continually strives to develop relations of mutual trust with its business partners and grow together with them to quickly deliver superior value to customers.

Awards ceremony held in China Awards ceremony held in China Awards ceremony held in Vietnam Awards ceremony held in Vietnam

FY2018 award-winning companies

Best CSR award
  • Kuwana Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd.
Outstanding CSR awards
  • Suzhou Zhouyang Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Strong H Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Thien Quang Group JSC
  • Veam Foundry

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